What is the treatment for apostasis

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The last stage of apostasis development is the stage of abscess formation during which the swelling acquires hemispheric shape with locuses of colliquation; cellular barrier is replaced with granulation one and that in turn separates the damaged structures from the healthy ones.  

In the opening stage of the disease you should apply spirituous dressings at that a brief novocaine-antibiotic blocking with the solution led to an inflammatory tissue should be done. Innocent course of disease and timely rendered assistance result in cancellation of the disease and full apostasis resolution.

In the second stage apostasis is untreatable; the measures recommended for the first stage of the disease only help to create cellular barrier and isolate a necrotic zone from healthy tissues.  

Fully pointing apostasies is opened up by scarifying in a downward direction. After springing of the lining from the apostasies, its opened antrum is washed with hydrogen dioxide or a weak solution (not more than 1: 1000) of potassium permanganate.

Strong solutions of antiseptics are contraindicative in this stage as they destroy granulation barrier and may result in penetration of infection beyond the inflammatory tissue. If there are no symptoms of granulation barrier necrosis then it needs to administer a drain to abscess cavity with 5-10 % solution of calcium chloride and Furacilin in proportion 1: 5000.

Applications are contraindicative in the third stage of abscess.

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