How to manage wounds of Cane Corso


Management of wounds depends on their type and degree of injury. Bite, contused and avulsive wounds flood less largely but heal much slower than incised ones. Punctured wounds are less visible because of dog hair but it is not a voluminous external hemorrhage from them however they may be very deep.

On seeing a wound in dog Cane Corso you should primarily dock or shave its hair around the wound. Then you should wash the wound with a solution of hydrogen dioxide and grease its edges with iodine. If wound is not longer than 2 cm and you are sure that it is not deep it is possible not to stitch it.

Otherwise you should take the dog to a veterinarian. After cleaning and asepticizing the wound should be bound up.  Any clean cloth is suitable for bandaging. Hemorrhage is usually not large and the blood is dark-colored when capillary tubes or veins are damaged.

In such cases it needs to manage a wound and apply a tight compression band to it. It is possible to put ice pack over the band for the vessels to narrow and the bleeding to reduce. Arterial bleeding is the most harmful as it is a pulsed jet bleeding and the color of the blood is scarlet.

In that case you should twist a rubber tourniquet above the wound (or a garrot made of materials at hand - a kerchief, lead, etc.) but the dog should be immediately taken to veterinary clinic. Every 20-30 minutes you should loosen tourniquet for 1-2 minutes in order not to interfere with blood flow.

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