Treatment of wounded Cane Corsos. Sprains, distortions, bruises.

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If wound abscess is observed in dog Cane Corso  you should remove purulence and sphacelus with ainicrobic tampons from the wound as well as shave the hair around damaged skin area for 3-5 cm wide.

Damage area must be thoroughly washed with 3% solution of hydric dioxide mixed with Furacilin solution in proportion 50: 50. The procedure must be done twice after that you should fill the wound with tampons soaked in iodinated spirit 1: 1000. If the damage is too serious you should turn to a veterinarian then.

After rendering the assistance locally you should obligatory take your pet to veterinary clinic where an experienced specialist will be able to subject the dog to an operation. Also it should be mentioned that penetrating wounds of chest and abdominal cavity must be treated during the first 2 hours otherwise Cane Corso may die.

Sprains, distortions, bruises

If your Cane Corso limps but at that you do not see any symptoms of limb damage, it needs to examine whether the dog has not had a sprain, tension of ligaments or joint contusion. The main feature of a sprain is an unwillingness of the dog to tread on a traumatized paw.

In addition the shape of abarticular joint is changed; due to sharp pain a dog squeaks. If a dog owner has some experience in vetting of such injuries then it is possible to set a dislocated joint single-handed.

Otherwise it will be necessary to give the dog a pain reliever and urgently take it to a nearest veterinary clinic. Tension of ligaments is often observed in young Cane Corsos. With such a trauma a dog does almost tread on sickish limb, joint area is painful.

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