Forms of fractures dog Cane Corso may be subject to

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Initial care consists in applying of a tight dressing to the joint area and it is possible to place an ice bag over it. In order to reduce painfulness the dog should take pain killers. Lameness sometimes is a consequence of concussion.

At that the dog is sensitive about palpating of an injured joint or limb flexion however the joint is not deformed. For treatment of a bruise you should apply a cold compress to a damaged zona and give the dog analgesic.  


Fracture is considered to be one of the most serious traumas. The main reason responsible for fractures is a mechanical injury of limbs: bruises appearing by fall from a height and during motor vehicle accidents, sudden muscle contractions, forcible release of a caught limb, etc.

There are also indirect reasons increasing the possibility of fracture emergence: rickets, vitamin deficiency, osteomalaria, pregnancy (in case of calcium deficiency in the body). Fractures can be compound and closed as well as displaced and undisplaced ones; in the latter case fractures are usually closed. 

If Cane Corso limps, has ache during palpation of an injured limb; the bone external to a joint is flexible and misshapen, however, an open wound is not observed then it is possible to conclude that the dog has a closed fracture. 

An open fracture is characterized by a wound against which you may see the deformation of an injured skin area. Bone fragments stick out from the wound. In order to render the assistance to the dog with compound undisplaced fracture you should apply an anchoring frame to an injured limb and give Cane Corso an analgesic.

An anchoring plaster bandage as well as a temporary splint must cover the fractured zona and 2 nearest joints.

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