• Model: HS72#1030 extra link for 50135 010 (55) Pinch Collar

Extra Links for Stainless Steel Cane Corso Pinch Collar


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Strong Extra Links for Cane Corso Pinch Collar

Check this money-saving offer! Extra links for this Stainless Steel Pinch Collar! It is a great chance not to buy another dog collar if your pet put on weight or grew up. Just add some links if you want to make the collar you have bigger. Each link adds to the collar length 1 1/5 inch (3 cm). So, don't miss such a great opportunity - and you will never regret!

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Solid Links for Cane Corso Pinch Collar

Herm Sprenger Extra Links for Cane Corso Pinch Collar

The main features of these Extra Links:

  • herm sprenger top quality
  • each link 1/11 inch (2.25 mm) in diameter
  • adds 1 1/5 inch (3 cm) to the collar length


  • stainless steel

All the links are made of stainless steel. This material is rust and corrosion resistant. Moreover, it has a pretty silver-like shine that will attract everybody's attention. Besides, stainless steel is safe for your Cane Corso's health, so there will be little possibility of skin allergies. The links are quite easy to add - you won't require special tools.

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