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Colorful French Linen Dog Ball on Springy Rope

If you need to train a growing Cane Corso puppy or young adult dog you had better use adequate equipment to facilitate different kinds of training. Where to find good gear? You have found it on this web-page! Bring joy to your pet's life - let him learn with pleasure and without violence! Get now Yellow-Blue-Black-and-Red Colored French Linen Dog Ball on Rope for your canine and you will make him happy! Your little treasure or big pet will love this toy from the very beginning as soon as you show it to him. With this useful handcrafted product you will not have to make many efforts to arouse your Corso's interest in novice training. It will be easier for you to teach your dog how to correctly build his bite after studying how to deal with this small merry colored item. This pet toy is a must for your Corso's toy collection! It will deliver loads of fun to your furry four-footed friend.

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  • Cane Corso French Linen Training Dog Toy with HandleCane Corso French Linen Training Bite Toy on Durable String
  • French Linen Cane Corso Toy for TrainingFrench Linen Toy for Cane Corso Playing and Training


Key features of this Cane Corso Toy

  • Highest quality product
  • Stuffed with special filler
  • Extra strong string
  • Four colored
  • Duly stitched for additional strength
  • Durable but soft
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • 4.2 oz (120 g) in weight
  • Long-lasting
  • Made by hand

Intended use of this Cane Corso Ball:

  • Bite training
  • Playing
  • Prey drive
  • Fetching activities

Sizes available:

  • 16.5 inch (42 cm) length of string
  • 3.5 inch (9 cm) in diameter


  • French linen
  • Nylon

Dear Cane Corso handler, read the following to know more about this canine toy:

Since we use eco-friendly materials for making this toy it is absolutely safe and non-toxic. No matter how often your dog bites it he will not get intoxicated because it is the highest quality product. Natural material French linen is the ball’s body that is stuffed with special synthetic filler. Due to this filler the ball is sufficiently soft and pleasant to grasp with dog mouth. The ball does not smell bad in addition.

You are expected to use this ball as often as possible because bite training should be carried out regularly. The ball will be in contact with sharp teeth of your doggie who will be catching it while running in some cases. Do you think that this soft ball may be broken to pieces by your toothy creature? No, you are mistaken. The toy is resistant to tear as extra durable threads were used for stitching its body.

It is not difficult to find such a toy even in green grass – quadricolor toy can be seen from afar also bright coloring is meant for enjoyable play! We have invented a four colored ball for your dog to enjoy its look! The ball is an evolution in style and color – your pet is sure to appreciate a choice of his toy if seeing this very ball. Use this item for developing hunting instincts, bite building. Use the string that is duly sewn to the body in order to throw rather far off the ball and see your dog run hard to find it in order to grasp. Then you should teach him bring this ball back to you.

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