• Model: TT19#1030 Foam Dog Ball on a Rope 7,5 cm - small

Small 3 Inch Foam Cane Corso Ball for Training


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Dog Playing with this Durable Foam Fetch and Chew Ball

Foam Dog Ball for Cane Corso

Need something special to combine playing and training?
Looking for a reliable dog toy for your powerful Cane Corso?
Then don't miss this Foam Dog Ball with Nylon Rope that corresponds to all necessary standards. It is lightweight, safe for your pet's health and extra durable. Besides, it is perfect for water activities. So, order this dog item at such an affordable price! Let your doggy have fun during training and walking!

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Foam Cane Corso Ball with Nylon String

Foam Cane Corso Ball with Colored Nylon Rope

Lightweight Cane Corso Ball for Dog Training

Lightweight Cane Corso Ball for Training and Playing

The key features of this Foam Ball:

  • safe foam
  • lightweight
  • water floating
  • strong colorful rope
  • bright innovative design

Intended use of this Foam Ball:

  • retrieve training
  • playing and running
  • basic training
  • having fun during daily walks


  • diameter 3 inch (7 1/2 cm)
  • weight 2 oz (65 g)
  • rope length 14 inch (35 cm)


  • foam
  • nylon rope

This Dog Ball on Rope is worth your attention because:

  • This dog item is manufactured of dog-safe foam that doesn't contain any harmful substances. Thanks to its bright colored design you will be able to find this Toy both in grass and in the water.
  • Due to its ergonomic design it will be very easy and comfortable for you to use it for training and just for playing.
  • Be sure this Training Dog Ball will allow you to teach your pet to follow your commands, to catch and bring it to you. All these activities will help you to keep your beloved Cane Corso fit and healthy.
  • NB! Before ordering, please make sure that this Toy is not meant for chewing. It is designed specially for training and playing only.

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