• Model: TT28#1030 9 x 11 cm Fire Plug Treat Toy - medium

Medium Everlasting Cane Corso Fire Plug for Chewing

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Check how to use Everlasting Dog Ball, Bento Ball and Fire Plug Toy

Chewing Dog Toy for Cane Corsos

If your pet is constantly begging for food...
If he adores chewing everything around...
If he is a fast-eater and you worry about his health...
Then check this Chewing Fire Plug which will definitely help you to get rid of all the above mentioned problems. Its main function is to prevent gulping food. There is a special hole for holding kibble, inside this Toy, so it will take your doggy more time to get some treats out of it. So, don't miss this great chance to buy this Everlasting Fire Plug right now - take care of your Cane Corso's health and make his life a bit more interesting!

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Chewing Everlasting Cane Corso Toy

Everlasting Cane Corso Toy Meant for Chewing

Dog-Safe Cane Corso Toy

Cane Corso Toy with Hole for Holding Treats Inside

The key features of this Toy:

  • holds a variety of treats and kibble
  • can be washed in dishwasher
  • durable and safe innovative material
  • quiet on the floor
  • has an inner compartment which stores treats or food

Intended use of this Toy:

  • encourages play which helps reduce anxiety and boredom behaviors
  • can be also used as an ordinary chew toy
  • used for interactive chewing challenge


  • medium size
  • 3 1/2 inch (9 cm) in width
  • 4 1/3 inch (11 cm) in height
  • weight - 1/2 lbs (265 g)


  • red but may vary

The advantages of this Everlasting Fire Plug:

  • Being made of super strong and durable material that is similar to rubber, this Toy is non-toxic, so your Cane Corso's health will be out of danger.
  • If used regularly, it helps you to keep your pet's gums and teeth in healthy condition.
  • Special design makes this Fire Plug an excellent chewing dog toy. It has a hole inside where you can put some treats and kibbles. Thanks to this unique design your four-legged friend will spend more time trying to get out food, so meal time will become longer and safer for him.
  • This Toy is very easy in maintenance. You can even use dishwasher to clean it.

NB! Ordering this Fire Plug, you will get only one treat.

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