• Model: TT24#1030 3 1/2 inch (9 cm) Rubber Treat Dispensing Ball

3 1/2 Inch Foam Cane Corso Ball for Chewing and Training Purposes


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Dog Playing with this Foam Fetch and Chew Ball

Water Floating Foam Chew Dog Ball for Cane Corso

If you want to get a high quality dog toy for your powerful Cane Corso, choose for him this Durable Chew Dog Ball. It has a lightweight construction, so it is perfect for retrieve training, chewing, having fun in water and playing. Just take it with you to the lake or beach - and let your doggy enjoy time spent outdoors! So, get this dog supply right now - and you won't regret! Brighten your beloved pet's everyday routine!

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Lightweight Foam Cane Corso Ball for Chewing

Cane Corso Ball for Chewing and Effective Basic Training

Water Floating Lightweight Cane Corso Ball

Water Floating Cane Corso Toy with Nylon String

The key advantages of this Foam Ball:

  • durable special rubber
  • high-quality
  • water floating
  • strong rope
  • bright design

Intended use of this Foam Ball:

  • retrieve training
  • enjoyable playing
  • basic and most advanced training


  • medium / large - 3 1/2 inch (9 cm)
  • weight - 6.9 oz (195 g)
  • rope length - 14 inch (35 cm)


  • foam
  • nylon rope

Why this Chew Dog Ball is worth buying:

This Toy is great for many activities as it is made of durable foam, that is much stronger than usual rubber. Be sure your powerful Cane Corso won't probably be able to tear it easily. Besides, this material is dog-safe and will serve your doggy for a long time.

If your dog enjoys water, you can use this Ball for different water activities. Foam is lightweight and water floating, so it is perfect for water lovers.

Be sure, with this Dog Toy, you will teach your beloved Cane Corso to follow your commands. Just grab the nylon rope, throw this Ball and ask your pet to fetch it. Training will give you an opportunity to develop your doggy's fetch, catch and biting skills. Let your doggy have fun with it!

NB! Keep your Cane Corso under control when he is playing in water with this Dog Toy.

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