• Model: PS2011030 Bite sleeve in Canadian style

Dog Bite Sleeve for K9 training,Canine Training, Cane Corso


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Looking for DOG TRAINING ARM BITE SLEEVE, POLICE Bite Sleeve or K9 SCHUTZHUND arm sleeve?

Try our Dog Protection Training Sleeve for training Cane Corso

cane-corso-dog-breed-store.com manufacture working dog,sport dog and police k-9 equipment since 2005.

Dog Protection Training Sleeve for Cane Corso

Dog Protection Training Sleeve for Cane Corso

OVER 200 dog training equipment ITEMS you can found on cane-corso-dog-breed-store.com

From collars,harnesses,leashes to bite suits and everything in between.

Tested Design, Helpers Ultimate Comfort and Tri Level Bite Bar to Get You three Steps Ahead Of Other Trainers.

†† * No Metal or Outside Plastic Parts Equals Safety For Your Cane Corso
†† * Hand Stitching For Outstanding Durability
†† * Best design for Police,Working Dogs,Schutzhund and Military training

General "Woof" Tip: When you compare pricing donít forget to take into account what material products made of For example Ė our harnesses made of full grain 100% high quality leather, some brands and/or resellers offer not leather products which mostly hold up just for few month
When you buy leather product it becomes better with time when treated right and can hold for years.
Some of our customers have leashes, collars or harnesses which used for longer than 10 years and still serve as it was new

cover made of jute with handle  http://www.cane-corso-dog-breed-store.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=59

cover made of jute with handle††††††††††††††† cover made of French Linen with handle

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