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French Linen Bite Sleeve Cover for Cane Corso Training


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French Linen Dog Bite Sleeve Cover for Cane Corso Training

You have already bought top grade training dog items and want to use them as long as possible, don't you? Then this French Linen Cover is a must-have supply for you as it helps to prolong the service period of your dog bite sleeve. It easily fits and protects its surface from fast outwear. Besides, it will make training more efficient. So, provide your Cane Corso only with the best! Purchase right now this Cover to make your bite sleeve to serve you for many years!

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Tear Resistant Cane Corso Bite Sleeve Cover

Protection French Linen Cane Corso Bite Sleeve Cover with Control Handle

The key advantages of this Bite Sleeve Cover:

  • interior padding for easy on / off sleeve fit
  • outside control handle
  • strong french linen
  • non-toxic material
  • stitched at the edges

Intended use of this Durable Bite Sleeve Cover:

  • fits perfectly our protection sleeves

Let's see why dog trainers recommend to use this Bite Sleeve Cover:

This training item is manufactured of high quality french linen. This material is widely known for being extra strong and tear-resistant fabric. It means that if the product is made of this material, it will serve the handler for a long time. Besides, french linen is non-toxic, and fits well even for dogs who suffer from different kinds of allergies.

It is possible to use this Protection Cover with this Bite Protection X-Sleeve. You will be able to fit it without any problems. The outside easy-to-grab handle makes this dog supply easy to use. Also, it helps in transportation.

It is not recommended to use a bite sleeve without covers as it can be quickly teared off.

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