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Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve Cover


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Protection Jute Dog Bite Sleeve Cover for Cane Corso Training

Want to get for your beloved Cane Corso high quality dog supplies? Check the one you need from the greatest variety of them on this website. But remember that it is recommended to use sleeve covers during long training sessions. They will help you to protect your dog tug or pillow from fast outwear. Besides, it will make training more comfortable and efficient. Buy this Cover right now - and you will never regret!

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Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve Cover for Better Training

Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve Cover with Outside Handle

The key features of this Dog Bite Sleeve Cover:

  • interior padding for easy on/off sleeve fit
  • outside control handle
  • dog-safe high quality jute
  • leather loops for sleeve attachment
  • increased durability

Intended use of this Dog Bite Sleeve Cover:

  • fits perfectly our protection sleeves
  • fits most major brands sleeves

Why this Protection Cover is worth ordering:

  • This dog item is made of high quality dog-friendly jute. This material is not only eco-friendly but also strong, tear resistant and extra durable to stand up overload.
  • There is a special interior padding which will help you to fit this Cover on many dog bite sleeves. Be sure you will be able to put it on and off easily. You can use this Protection Jute Cover with this Bite Protection X-Sleeve.
  • The outside handle makes this dog supply easy to use. Also, it helps in transportation.

Please, be advised! It is important to use bite sleeves only with covers. Only in this case they will serve you for many years.

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