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Handmade Light Jute Bite Sleeve for Dog Training

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Ambidextrous Arm Bite Sleeve Hidden Protection Training Sleeve

Dog bite sleeve is never a wrong choice. Our sleeves are manufactured strictly to order of numerous specialized units. This is our best selling sleeve if you like to know the truth. It is canine equipment from trusted direct source our family workshop with industrious craftsmasters the place where most demandable dog goods have been produced for many years. Our sleeves are known all over the world for their superb quality and reliability.

We use only hand select perfect quality materials for construction of a wide range of our dog production. It is made exclusively for our customers who want to train their pets properly.

This bite cover is ideal for various dog training connected with bite development. The hidden sleeve is made of extra strong super thick jute material. This material is traditionally used to work with sporting dogs and service K9's.

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  • Cane Corso dog bite sleeve hiddenBite training of your Cane Corso is a success with hidden jute sleeve
  • Adjustable Cane Corso dog bite sleeveCane Corso dog jute bite sleeve can be easily adjusted on right or left arm

Key features of this Cane Corso Bite Sleeve:

  • Highest quality custom product
  • Velcro ability
  • Mega strong
  • Perfect design
  • Hand crafted
  • Easy adjustable
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Already tested and approved by professional trainers in many countries

Intended use of this Hidden Cane Corso Bite Sleeve:

  • Personal protection training
  • Police, Schutzhund, military training
  • Working with sporting dogs
  • Other bite sleeve work

Material used:

  • Tightly woven jute

Available colors:

  • Beige

Left or right - do not matter. Fits ideally for both arms. For the training of service and police dogs.

There are many fields of application for this hidden bite sleeve:

You can train a young dog or a fully grown one. Also, the gear is well-suited for professional training. This is a protective soft arm cover to allow the dog to feel the movement inside the sleeve as the assistant vocalizes during the bite is more often than not seen as a great advantage to a dog that is being trained to police or protection work.

Find out more about this product right away:

This very training equipment is made in accordance with the requirements of international cynological clubs. With the sleeve you will be able to teach your pet different skills and commands, develop his instincts.

It is hypoallergenic jute sleeve, absolutely safe for health and teeth of your pet. It excellently protects you from your dogs bites. It is soft but strong.

Due to availability of many Velcros the cover can be easily fixed on your arm this sleeve is ambidextrous and can be used on either the right or left arm. For maximal safety the sleeve can be equipped with inner plastic protective base that is meant for the dogs bite but in no case for his injury.

Order now this excellent training accessory to make your Cane Corso a highly professional canine individual.

Take a look at dog hidden sleeve in 3D

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