• Model: PS18#1030 Shoulder protection

"Durable Shield" Shoulder Protector for Cane Corso Bite Sleeves


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Shoulder Protector for Cane Corso Bite Sleeves

If you start training your powerful Cane Corso then you should purchase dog training gear not only of super quality but also those which will protect you well during your pet's training sessions. This Shoulder Protector will help you to avoid traumas and injuries. It is made of top grade materials that are safe and strong. Thus, you will be protected from possible shoulder traumas, and your dog will show good results in training.

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Shoulder Protector to Avoid Traumas

Easy Removable Reliable Shoulder Protector

The key advantages of this dog item:

  • durable
  • dog safe materials
  • protects shoulder area of the helper
  • easily removable
  • matches several models of bite sleeves

Intended use of this dog supply:

  • shoulder protection part for bite sleeves


  • length - 11 4/5 inches (30 cm)
  • width - 7 inches (18 cm)


  • plastic covered NK material

Learn about the main features of this Shoulder Protector:

  • Being made of top quality dog-friendly materials, this Shoulder Protector is safe in use and doesn't contain any harmful substances.
  • It protects shoulder area, so it is possible to use it with short bite sleeves such as this Intermediate Bite Sleeve with Jute Cover.
  • This dog item is ambidextrous, it means that you can use it both for left and right arm.

NB! Because of the fact that there is no official standard for such training dog item as shoulder protector, we cannot guarantee that it will fit bite sleeves of other brands.

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