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Short Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve


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Police Jute Dog Bite Sleeve for Cane Corso

If you are looking for a durable dog training sleeve... If you want to get only the best piece of dog equipment... Then you should definitely pay your attention to this Jute Bite Sleeve that will help to develop proper bite grip of your Cane Corso. It is possible to use this dog item for protection and Schutzhund training. Don't miss this opportunity to buy right now this Pro Dog Sleeve - it will be an irreplaceable thing for different kinds of training! Get it - and make your Cane Corso a future champion!

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Military Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve with Inner Handles

Police Cane Corso Bite Sleeve with Inside Handles

Easily Adjustable Strap on Durable Cane Corso Bite Sleeve

Easily Adjustable Strap on Cane Corso Bite Sleeve

The key advantages of this Bite Sleeve:

  • safe for your dog’s health materials
  • strong and durable
  • adjustable strap at elbow zone
  • stitched for additional durability
  • 2 inside handles
  • up to elbow protection
  • fits for both arms

Intended use of this Bite Sleeve:

  • training of young and adult dogs
  • police dog training
  • military dog training
  • schutzhund training
  • bite grip training


  • 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg)


  • jute

This Dog Bite Sleeve is worth buying because:

  1. The first thing, that attracts attention, is super quality eco-friendly material which has been used for the production of this dog item. Jute is well-known for its incredible strength, tear resistance and safety.
  2. Also this material has anti-static properties, so it is a great choice for using it together with nylon scratch suit that is meant for dog training.
  3. No matter if you are left- or right-handed you will be able to use this Bite Sleeve with no problems as it fits both left and right arm.
  4. Thanks to nylon adjustable straps this dog supply can be adjusted tightly on your arm. Besides, there are padded inside handles that are easy-to-grab and hold.
  5. This Bite Sleeve can be used in different ways. It fits for police, military, protection and Schutzhund training of puppies and young dogs.
  6. NB! This dog item has reliable protection only up to the elbow, so be careful during training sessions.

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