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Bamboo Cane Corso Stick for Agitation Training


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Agitation Stick for Cane Corso Training

Looking for high quality dog training equipment? Then check this Bamboo Agitation Stick that will help you to train your Cane Corso effectively. It makes noise and distracts your pet from everything around except your commands. So train your beloved doggy like professionals do - purchase this dog item right now!

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Cane Corso Stick for  Training

Cane Corso Stick for Attack and Schutzhund Dog Training

Cane Corso Stick Made of Bamboo

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Cane Corso Stick

The key advantages of Training Stick:

  • made of bamboo
  • tape covered handle grip

Intended use of this Training Stick:

  • schutzhund training
  • agitation training
  • bite sleeve training


  • bamboo


  • makes noise

This Agitation Stick is made of eco-friendly and lightweight bamboo that is absolutely safe both for you and your Cane Corso's health. Moreover, it has tape covered handle grip which is rather comfortable in use during training sessions.

This Stick makes noise as it is split length-wise several times. Such sticks are called clatter ones, and are used only for Schutzhund or agitation training. The handler uses this dog item for bringing out aggression from your canine during protection work. In such a way your Cane Corso will learn how to be fully concentrated on his current task not responding to pain or noise.

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