• Model: H1FL#1030 Painted leather dog harness

Exclusive Padded Leather Dog Harness-Fire Flames Hand Painted Cane Corso Harness


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Heavy duty fully leather agitation harness for Cane Corso

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Finest Cane Corso Harness

Protection Cane Corso Harness Looks Well On The Dog!

In fact, dog breast-band is a scientific achievement. This multitasking facility is very useful for large dog breed such as Cane Corso in order to have him controlled. A harness is designed for various dog specializations. Indeed, our craftsmen created quite a unique training dog harness that can be used not only during obligatory agitation/attack work but for peaceful and comfortable everyday walks with your thoroughbred dog Cane Corso. We have found our vocation for providing different dog breeds with number one educative and walking equipment. We receive a lot of feedbacks from our thankful customers who are happy to have discovered such decent and responsible makers as we are. All our dog production is regularly tested by professional breeders and handlers. We manufacture dog goods strictly meeting the quality and safety standards. If you try even a single article made by our capable specialists you will take liking to this particular facility no matter how you treated muzzling, harnessing, collaring, leashing before knowing us…

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  • Very comfortable leather dog harnessCane Corso working lifetime handmade harness
  • Felt padded everyday leather dog harnessFully leathern training harness for Cane Corso


Key features of this Cane Corso Harness:

  • Perfect select 100% leather
  • Padded breast plate and neck straps
  • Stunning design
  • Extra strong model
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Easy adjustable straps
  • Be in control handle(option)
  • nickel plated steel fitting (default option)
  • Comfy and practical
  • Wide shock-absorbing chest plate
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Hand painted

Intended use of this Cane Corso Harness:

  • Agitation/attack training
  • Correction of behavioral problems
  • Hiking, playing, running, walking
  • Stylish look while walking
  • Off leash activities

Sizes available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Available colors:

  • Painting on leather

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    11-20 inch (27-50 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    20-31 inch (50-80 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    13-23 inch (33-58 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    28-37 inch (70-94 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    17-27 inch (43-68 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    31-41 inch (79-104 cm)

Extra Large:

  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    24-33 inch (60-85 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    35-51 inch (90-130 cm)

Extraction of the list containing endless advantages of the harness represented on this web-page: 

  1. Fashion look. Our craftsmasters have studied a unique technique of applying paint on leather. If you choose this harness for your Cane Corso he will look unlike any other dog! The flames are not difficult to confuse with natural ones. We do not use any imitations so this painting will not lose color and graphic by lapse of time because of regular employment. This agitation harness is most demandable on the market nowadays! Do not you agree that this harness is a rare piece of art? Breast plate is made of solid leather and padded from inside with very thick felt for shock absorption. With this harness on your Cane Corso will be a pride of neighborhood!
  2. Quality of the product consists in prime leather that was used for making of the harness. The paint itself is absolutely safe and non-toxic. Be sure that your dog will not get intoxicated while being trained in this harness.
  3. Comfort of the muzzle is worth describing. But, in brief, you must know that this very harness has interior tender felt padding on the neck straps too for better comfort while wearing this gear. As one may guess the harness is not going to wear into the dog's skin or rub it. Due to specially designed breast plate the force is diverted from a dog’s throat onto the shoulders. Point of leash attachment (D-ring duly stitched on the top) is disposed at withers and not on neck. Your Cane Corso will be able to breathe freely; his movements are not restricted when he wears the harness. Nothing will cloud his spirits!
  4. Our leather harness is a good idea for both walking and training. Also it is good for developing muscles of your dog as well as for his amusement. You can feel quite confident in successful training of your four-footed friend when he has the equipment on.
  5. Easy and quick adjustment. This harness is 4-way adjustable. What does it mean? You can use it for a growing puppy, for the dog gaining weight or for the dog going on a diet. All you have to do is to adjust the straps on front neck part and the strap that goes around the chest. The latter has a quick release buckle - metal extra strong clasp that will help you to put the harness on and off your dog in seconds by using only one hand. This training equipment is certain to become your favorite trial!!

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Exclusive Cane Corso Harness Padded On The Chest

Training Cane Corso Harness For Many Purposes

Fashion Dog Harness

Easy Adjustable Mastiff Harness

Handpainted Dog Harness

Unique Cane Corso Harness Provides Utmost Comfort

Cane Corso. Fats, vitamins and carbohydrates
Articles about great Cane Corsos. Posted by Cane-Corso-Dog-Breed-Store
Ultimate nutrition of Cane Corso puppy implies obligatory including animal and vegetable oils in its diet. Invaluable sources of animal fats are goat and caw milk, sour cream, dairy butter. All of them are rich in vitamin A as well as other substances that are useful for growing body of the dog. Deficiency of fats in the body of young Cane Corso may lead to quite unwanted consequences: slow growth and development, skin diseases, deprivation of vitamin, depigmentation of body hair coat. But the surplus of fats is harmful for health. Overfeeding with fat food may cause distress of some of vital body functions and as a result the dog grows lazy, apathetic. Vegetable oils are contained in seed-oil. Puppies need fats very much. Sources of carbohydrates supply the energy requirements. Sugar, cellulose, starch are carbohydrates-rich products ingested in the dog’s body. These components are contained in rye-bread, crackers, cereal products. Some vegetables are rich in carbohydrates (carrot, potatoes, cabbage). When the dog is 1.5 month old he may eat bread. Rye-bread soaked in fatless broth should be given to the dog together with meat food. Fresh wheat-bread is undesirable in the diet of young Cane Corsos.
Cane Corso. Fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. - READ MORE!

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