• Model: L28##1030 40 mm Free hand dog leash

Easily Adjustable Hands-Free Nylon Cane Corso Leash


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Nylon Dog Leash for Cane Corso Walking

Check this Leash that is meant for hands-free use. This Nylon Leash is easy to use. Just attach it on your waist, and your hands will be free.

The key characteristics of this Nylon Leash:

  • premium quality materials
  • water-resistant nylon
  • durable brass snap hook
  • heavy duty stitched
  • click lock system

Intended use of this Nylon Leash:

  • hands-free use

Available sizes:

  • adjustable length - 22 inch (56 cm) if short
  • 31 inch (80 cm) if long

Available colors:

  • black

What you should know about this Nylon Leash:

This item is created specially for hands-free use. It is made in accordance with all international dog standards and corresponds to all requirements of professional dog trainers.

The Leash is manufactured of durable nylon, so it won’t tear apart even if your Cane Corso pulls too hard. Also, it is water-resistant, that's why you will be able to use it even when it is raining and snowing. After getting wet, this Leash will never loose its beneficial features.

This dog item has a special quick release buckle which will help you to fasten it without problems to your Cane Corso's collar or harness.

And the last amazing characteristic is that thanks to the special design, you can change the length of this Leash.

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