• Model: L7###1030 Leather leash with solid brass snap hook

Braided Handcrafted Leather Dog Leash


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Progress in dog industry – Absolutely stunning leather dog leash accented with amazing braids!

Cane Corsos’ inborn abilities are well-known to admirers of these dogs. It is one of the strongest and cleverest dogs. Bearing that in mind, our creators of wide range of demandable dog production can’t but develop reliable training equipment for these giants. Otherwise, they easily could tear apart an accessory you try to handle them with. Turn to us if your dream is to have due control over your Cane Corso. Pet supplies of our pet boutique are great and regular. The explanation for this is hard work plus relevant professional knowledge of our specialists. Eager to never quarrel with your doggie? Do not want to treat him bad? Desire to raise a well-behaved sociable canine? If your answers to these questions are positive you have found your training gear today!

Forget useless training of your pet – now with wonderful dog leash – braided canine equipment your training efforts will never fail! We offer you not only one of the most durable dog leads but also most stylish and functional one. Stop looking for leashes – with Our New Braided Canine Lead you will not have to buy other leashes!

Creative minds of our designers can make most sophisticated dog goods and this Braided Leather Leash is a demonstrative example of their genius! If your primary concern is your dog’s happy and interesting life – do get this Handmade Leash and take him out wherever you go! Status of your dog requires corresponding equipment. Lead your dog on the leash with pride as this accessory is ideal for your dog, believe us!

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Brand leather dog lead for large dog breeds

Unique leather dog leash features great design

Best leather leash with handle and snap hook

New braided canine lead with control handle and snap hook

Key features of this Cane Corso Dog Leash:

  • Made from excellent leather
  • Brass snap hook
  • Easy handling
  • 3/4 inch wide
  • Amazing braids
  • Stitched for beauty and strength
  • Padded convenient handle
  • Secured with handset rivets

Intended use of this Cane Corso Dog Leash:

  • Effective and easy training
  • Regular walking
  • Dog management
  • Other dog activities

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

Dreamable advantages of this Leather Leash are mentioned below:

Soft full grain leather is main component of this New Braided Canine Lead. Much depends on the leather for leash. It is most durable leather therefore it was used for making this accessory. Select leather is always a guarantee of service time of the product made from it. We manually selected this leather in order you could use this leash long years.

Handle & snap hook. Do you know that without these adaptors any leash is ineffective at all? Besides invaluable benefit of these they were subject to improvement. The handle is padded with softest Leather – Nappa one for better comfort of your palm! No rubbing will be caused by such a handle even if tough leash jerking takes place. As for snap hook you may be confident of its reliability as well. It is made of strong alloy – brass therefore no breakage and no rust are those factors having to do with this metal.

The leather, premium quality finish hardware, neat work, love for the craft resulted in creation of this merchandise.

To extend durability of this leash and maintain it pretty look you should care for it in the following manner:

1. Keep it away from water. You should rather prefer training / walking your animal under no wet conditions if you need a wearproof leash. Water is an enemy of any natural leather.
2. Leather should not be dried out as in this case it may start deforming and will crack one day.
3. Keeping leather conditioned and clean takes some seconds only but it will make a big difference in how good pretty it looks.

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