• Model: LN1031030 Triple nylon stitched Coupler

Nylon Cane Corso Coupler for Walking 3 Dogs


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Triple Dog Coupler for Cane Corso

If you are a true dog lover that has several dogs in the house...
If you constantly face the problem of knotted leashes...
If you want to find an extra strong piece of dog training gear for walking your Cane Corsos...

Then don't miss this Exclusive Dog Leash that is specially created by our best craftsmen for walking three canines at the same time. Just attach this dog supply to a usual dog walking leash - and walk your beloved pet with pleasure!

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Extra Strong Triple Cane Corso Coupler

Triple Cane Corso Coupler Made of Top Grade Nylon

Cane Corso Coupler Made of Nylon

Nylon Cane Corso Coupler for Walking 3 Dogs

The key characteristics of this Nylon Coupler:

  • 3/4 inch (20 mm) wide strong nylon
  • 3 strong nickel plated snap hooks
  • O-ring for leash attachment

Intended use of this Triple Nylon Coupler:

  • walking three dogs

Available sizes:

  • 12 inch (30 cm)

Available colors:

  • black

The detailed information about this Nylon Leash:

Incredible durability, light weight, water and tear resistance are the main characteristics of high quality nylon. Be sure this Coupler will not lose its beneficial qualities even after being wet, so it will definitely serve you for many years if used properly.

Be confident this Leash won't break at the most unexpected moment even if your Cane Corsos pull too hard as it is reliably stitched with strong nylon thread.

This Coupler is comfortable in use for daily walking. It consists of three nylon parts which are connected with massive O-ring. Also there are nickel plated rustproof snap hooks that are used for attachment to your dogs' walking collars or harnesses.

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