• Model: C90B#1030 Leather dog collar with vertical brass plates

Decorated Leather Dog Collar With Sparkling Plates

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Chic leather dog collar decorated with precious Brass plates

Spoil your Cane Corso with reliable super stylish dog collar! Newest skillfully crafted dog accessory meant for different dog activities! Save plenty of troubles connected with your dog’s behavior-buy today marvelous one-of-a-kind dog gear. This custom leather dog collar will quickly make a conquest of you! Made of top quality gentle hand selected leather with beveled edges and buffed surfaces to never hurt the dog wearing this merchandise. Furnished with best hardware-steel nickel plated one-resistant to breakage and rust. Strong buckle is incredibly convenient but dee Ring is an adaptor for attaching a lead. Exclusive handmade decoration is accentuated by unusually set shining plates-vertical symmetrically arranged figurines. Four-legged pal of yours is sure to be grateful to you for this choice! Other Cane Corsos have already realized how good it feels to wear this comfortable “necklace”. Cane Corsos are most powerful dogs and if you choose right equipment for them you will be able to declare this statement to the world! Walking your dog in this accessory you will engage all the glances of passers-by!

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  • Fashion leather dog collarDesigner leather collar looks great on Cane Corso dog
  • Practical leather dog collarSophisticated custom leather dog collar grants confirming fit


Key features of this Cane Corso Dog Collar:

  • Soft sturdy pure 100%  leather
  • Astonishing design
  • Steel nickel plated buckle and D-ring
  • Vertical BRASS plates secured with rivets
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Made to order
  • Easy adjustable
  • Zero content of chemicals

Intended use of this Cane Corso Dog Collar:

  • Behavior correcting
  • Effective training
  • Dealing with active and strong dogs
  • Walking in style

Sizes available:

  • 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) wide

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Tan (natural color)

How to measure your Cane Corso for good fit Collar:

how to measure  collar

Please be advised that:

  • For buckle collar when you specify neck size we will make collar fit on central hole.
  • There will be total of 5 holes and distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm).
  • For example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm). Collar will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm).
  • There will be 2 smaller size holes - 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inch (47.5 cm).
  • There will be 2 bigger size holes - 21 inch (52.5 cm) and 22 inch (55 cm).
  • There will also be tip of the collar after last hole about 2 inch long (5 cm).
  • Those are handcrafted collars and some sizes will differ a little (not in significant way).
  • 2 ply leather collars and padded leather collars are 1 inch bigger to make sure that it will fit your dog.

Let us investigate the collar’s peculiarities for you to make sure of its singularity and magnificence.

Dog market will be unable to offer you the same qualitative and at the same time beautiful custom leather dog collar suited to every taste! After detailed studying different offers of the market we came to conclusion that dog industry is in need of something new and extravagant. We have made this super star-gorgeous invaluable leather dog collar with numerous capabilities!

So, it is not odd if we share our knowledge on the product with you, dear customer,

It is deservedly to name this dog product a masterpiece as a lot of pains were taken for its manufacture. Piece of art is not only that which cost is extra high but also the one which is made with due responsibility, care, professionalism, devotion, love, dedication. It is important that authorized specialists are involved in the process of creation of every dog article in our floor. It is high art to make a thing that will look as new after many years and its benefit will turn out to be priceless.

Unique raw stuff to be chosen as components of this collar. Every dog collar has different integrants. It depends on many reasons, i.e. level of professional employment of this or that dog breed, susceptibility to hereditary diseases, anatomical peculiarities, etc. As this collar was specially engineered for Cane Corso breed we took into account different aspects relating to this dog-his behavior, his inborn capabilities, his breed’s characteristics. Having selected many leather materials we chose the one-mostly appropriate for the purpose-softest and finest full grain leather which makeup is ideally fit to never damage the dog’s health. The rest of integrants are top notch as well.

We should fix on the type of hardware picked for this collar. It is truly unique hardware which characteristics are amazing. Firstly, it is made of steel and plated with nickel that in turn means long endurance period for the product. Secondly, it will not corrode if subjected to wetness or humidity. But do not forget that the leather should be protected from wet if you want it to be best looking forever. Thirdly, this type of hardware is most dependable as its safety and practicability are well-known.

Care for your Cane Corso’s comfort? So we do… Breaking to this dog collar will not be torturous at all-smooth as silk leather feels too soft when worn. As we already told the collar was duly processed to never discomfort your darling. The collar is not expected to dig into the skin or rub it.

General "Woof" Collar Tip: We use special wax brushes machine to make smooth edges to avoid dogs skin irritation and to create as much comfort and smooth appearance as possible

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please consider our new style dog collar!

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Leather dog collar with sparkling plates

Cane Corso leather collar decorated with sparkling plates

Cane Corso comfortable collar for any activity

Cane Corso leather collar for any activity

Cane Corso brown leather collar with corrosion resistant fittings for walking

Cane Corso brown leather collar with duly riveted fittings for walking

Cane Corso brown leather collar with rust-free brass plated hardware for daily activity

Cane Corso brown leather collar of lightweight material with plates for perfect control

Cane Corso brown leather collar with rustless plates for better comfort

Cane Corso brown leather collar of classic design with brass plated hardware for better comfort

Cane Corso brown leather collar with rust-resistant plates for quality control

Cane Corso brown leather collar of classic design with d-ring for leash attachment for improved control

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