• Model: TE35#1030 French Linen Bite Tug(6x30cm) 1 handle

Stitched French Linen Bite Tug with Nylon Handle


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French Linen Bite Tug for Cane Corso Training

Need an exclusive piece of dog training gear? Want to turn your puppy training into a fun game? Then choose this French Linen Bite Tug which meets all the necessary requirements and is safe for your beloved Cane Corso's health. It is super strong and durable enough to withstand excessive overload. So buy this dog supply right now - and be confident you will never regret!

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French Linen Cane Corso Bite Tug for Retrieving

Tear Resistant Cane Corso Bite Tug for Bite Training

Tearproof Cane Corso Bite Tug with Reliable Handle

Puppy Cane Corso Bite Tug with Comfy Handle

The key advantages of this French Linen Bite Tug:

  • non-toxic materials
  • hypoallergenic
  • handstitched
  • one comfortable handle

Intended use of this Durable French Linen Bite Tug:

  • bite work
  • retrieve item


  • width - 2 1/3 inch (6 cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • french linen

This Bite Tug is worth purchasing because:

Use this Bite Tug for training of young dogs and puppies. Also it is possible to use this dog supply as a retrieve item. It is rather small, so your doggy will bite it with pleasure. Just don't leave your canine without control when he is playing with this Bite Tug as he can damage it.

Moreover, thanks to its ergonomic design this Bite Tug is lightweight and easy in use, so you will feel no discomfort while training sessions. Besides, this dog item is equipped with reliably stitched handle, that's why you will be able to hold your hands far away your Cane Corso's teeth.

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