• Model: TE2521030 Jute Bite tug (6x30cm) 2 handles

Cane Corso Dog Bite Tug Made of Natural Hypoallergic Jute Material


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Training Jute Dog Bite Tug Equipped with 2 Stitched Convenient Handles

Do not know how to develop bite in your Corsi? Even experienced dog trainers are not successful in bite work without using a special tool. Turn your attention to a handmade Fabric Bite Tag with 2 Handles. It is an excellent accessory that helps to build proper bite. Also, it can be used as a retrieve item.

Natural instincts of Cane Corso are easy to develop with the help of this tag. Big and strong dogs need to be engaged in bite training in order to be satisfied with their life. Let your canine spend his energy profitably! Learning how to bite under guidance of dog specialist a big canine individual (puppy or an adult young dog) makes the best companion in future. We made this bite strong and tearproof for you to use if in many training sessions.

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  • Cane Corso Bite Tug with 2 Handles Cane Corso Bite Tag with 2 Convenient Strong Handles
  • Dog Training Jute Bite Tug for Cane CorsoDog Bite Jute Tug for Cane Corso to Develop His Skills

Key features of this Cane Corso Tug:

  • strong natural material
  • dog-teeth friendly
  • neatly stitched on the edges
  • 2 handles for more convenience

Intended use of this Cane Corso Tag:

  • dog bite training
  • developing retrieve skills

Sizes available:

  • width - 2 1/3 (6cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • jute

Its edges are stitched with strong threads so the stuffing is unlikely to fall out from the body. The stuffing is necessary to put this tug into shape. Biting the item, growing Cane Corso improves his skills.

Make your pet hunt for the tool - grasp it by one or two handles and see him try to catch it with his mouth. Due to the handles your hands cannot be badly bitten by your Corsi-trainee. They are very comfortable and fixed in the article by means of stitching. The handles are also stitched on their edges for added durability. The edge stitching adds elegance to this everyday educative device.

It is a perfect tool for retrieve training. You can change activities of your four-legged comrade. When bite training is over, it is time to play with a pal of yours! It is a good well-made tool to play with. It is lightweight small-sized and easy to maneuver.

  • This is a training accessory that is not to be used as chewing toy.
  • Do not leave your dog without supervision with this bite tug as he can tear it apart and swallow stuffing.

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