• Model: PS2J#1030 Puppy sleeve made of jute

Soft Puppy Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve


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Soft Puppy Jute Dog Bite Sleeve for Cane Corso

Every dog owner knows that training should be an essential part of puppy's life. Only proper and effective training can make your beloved pet a future defender and champion. So, if you want to get a piece of top quality gear for your Cane Corso and to involve him into professional dog training, check this Jute Bite Sleeve. It is made in accordance with all dog world standards and fits perfectly for bite training of puppies and young dogs.

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Soft Cane Corso Bite Sleeve

Jute Cane Corso Bite Sleeve for Bite Work

Cane Corso Bite Sleeve for Puppies

Comfy in Use Soft Cane Corso Bite Sleeve

The key advantages of this Bite Sleeve:

  • 100% dog safe materials
  • soft and non-toxic
  • advanced bite surface for puppies
  • outside round handle
  • inside padded hard handle
  • D-ring under handle for increased functionality

Intended use of this Bite Sleeve:

  • introduction to bite work with sleeve
  • working on bite drive
  • playing with your dog to get your puppy into bite game

Learn about the main features of this Dog Bite Sleeve:

High quality materials. This dog supply is made of dog-friendly jute, the material that is super durable, tear resistant and safe in use as it contains no substances that can be harmful for your Cane Corsos' health.

Extra durability. Our craftsmen have made it to serve you for a long period of time. Be sure, even if frequently used, this Bite Sleeve won't tear as it is reliably stitched to withstand excessive overload.

Comfortable use. The ergonomic design makes it possible to use this dog item with no problems during long training sessions. It is equipped with inside padded handle; it allows you to hold it firmly when your pet bites. Also there is outside nylon handle that is meant for easy carrying and better adjustment of this Sleeve on your arm. Moreover, you will not get exhausted quickly during dog training as this dog supply is super light weight.

Perfect for basic bite training. This Bite Sleeve is specially designed for training of puppies and young dogs. It is meant for introduction to bite training and preparing your canine for intermediate bite training. Be confident this Sleeve will help to develop your dog's biting skills and to build stronger grip.


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