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Hidden Protection Cane Corso Sleeve Made of French Linen

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Hidden Protection French Linen Dog Bite Sleeve with Velcro Ability

Do not you think that is time to train your Corso duly? If you agree then our new pet supply is for you! Handmade French Linen Sleeve is meant for Hidden Protection during bite work. You can wear it under your garments. This outfit is well-suitable for young or adult dog training. It is developed in accordance with the international kennel clubs. It will be helpful for protection dog training, development and improvement of bite skills, hunting instincts. Duly protects from the dog’s bites. Using this gear you will be able to correct and build proper bite and snatch in your Cane Corso. 

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Easy Adjustable Hidden Protection French Linen Cane Corso Sleeve

Properly Adjustable Cane Corso Sleeve Made for Comfortable Fit

It is strong educative tool that will not tear during dog training. Cane Corso will become stronger and more agile if trained with this sleeve. You can have this sleeve on left or right arm – whatever you like. It is ambidextrous model so make your dog hunt for either arm of yours. It is comfortable ammunition that is almost unfelt when worn but it reliably protects from the dog’s teeth during the training.

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Hidden Training Dog Bite Sleeve for Effective Cane Corso  Training

Training Dog Bite Sleeve Can Be Easily Fitted with Touch Fastener

Key features of this Hidden Cane Corso Bite Sleeve:

  • Handmade and reliably stitched
  • Made of natural French Linen
  • Inner plastic protection (optional)
  • Lightweight for better mobility
  • Fits both hands - left and right
  • High quality and extra strength
  • Bite protection sleeve
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Velcro closure
  • Absolutely comfortable

Intended use of this Training Bite Cane Corso Sleeve:

  • Young dog training
  • Adult dog training
  • K9 and schutzhund training
  • Inner part of a bite suit
  • Dog bite building
  • Professional dog training
  • Army dog training
  • Dog snap development


  • French linen

Available colors:

  • May vary

Its body is carefully stitched with strong threads for increased durability. It is flexible item that is made to follow arm lines appropriately.  It creates extra comfort because of its light weight. You will not get tired of having this sleeve on your arm. Due to its weight this gear offers excellent maneuverability.

To fit in on your arm you should use adjustable straps stuck with Velcros. It will take you some seconds to put this gear on or off. When fixed with these straps this sleeve will not slip off your arm.

If you are a beginner dog trainer it is better to order this sleeve with inner plastic reinforcement. This reinforcement provides better protection from dog bites while caring for the dog’s teeth.

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