• Model: TE25#1030 Jute Bite tug (6x30cm) 1 handle

Dog Bite Tug Made of Jute


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Jute Bite Tug for Puppy and Young Dog Training

Is your doggie active? If you make it busy with bite training he will be happy and healthy! Well-educated dog is a satisfied animal. According to recommendations of professional dog trainers and under guidance of qualified vets our experienced manufactures have crafted a special item - a strong dog bite tag.

The gear is meant for proper bite development in little puppies and young canine companions. It can be used for building retrieve skills in your pet. Being absolutely safe and reliable accessory this tool is ideal for regular training despite the age of the dog. Old dogs can just play with this article - they need to be amused as well.

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  • Cane Corso Tug for Bite Work Cane Corso Bite Tag with Strong Convenient Handle
  • Training Jute Dog Bite Tug for Cane CorsoStuffed Stitched Dog Bite Tug for Cane Corso Puppies and Young Individuals

Key features of this Cane Corso Tug:

  • made of jute
  • extra strong
  • hypoallergic materials
  • stitched on the edges
  • equipped with comfortable handle

Intended use of this Cane Corso Tag:

  • retrieve item
  • bite work

Sizes available:

  • width - 2 1/3 (6cm)
  • length - 12 inch (30 cm)


  • jute

So, you are likely to buy this product because it is:

  • a high quality product with long life duration;
  • indispensable during bite work and convenient in usage;
  • absolutely safe for the teeth and easy to catch with the mouth, therefore it is perfect for a young dog and a little puppy who are still unskilled animals.

We made this tag of jute. Why jute?? The answer is simple. It is excellent fabric that features extreme strength that is why most bite suits and sleeves are also constructed of it. It is natural material that is pleasant by the feel. It is not slippery that makes it ideal for bite skills development.

Your comfort was also born in mind while making this supply. Comfortable and convenient handle is stitched in the body. Holding by this handle you will protect your hands from dog bites. You will be able to keep the tool back when the canine pulls it hard and does to not to release his jaws.

It is a little bit stuffed to be looking like a tug but not as a piece of cloth. This object is pleasant to deal with. Mostly, dogs are interested in the the activity during which such a mean is used.

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