• Model: TT23#1030 Tetraflex ball 13cm - large

5 Inch Large Tetraflex Cane Corso Ball for Mental Developing

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Check the video to see how to use this Treat Dispensing Tetraflex Ball

Bright Dog Toy for Large Cane Corso

If you are looking for a top quality new dog toy, then pay attention to this Interactive Dog Ball. It is unique in design and will definitely become your doggy's favorite item. This Toy is not only perfect for playing but also great for mental and physical stimulation. Put inside it some treats, and your Cane Corso will have to make efforts to get them out. Don't miss such an opportunity to provide your pet with this incredible dog supply! You will have a chance to turn your dog's meal time into funny and amusing game!

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Tetraflex Cane Corso Ball Ideal for Playing

Tetraflex Cane Corso Ball for Mental and Physical Stimulation

Tetraflex Cane Corso Ball for Treat Dispencing

Bright Dog-Safe Cane Corso Toy with Hole Inside for Holding Treats

The key advantages of this Ball:

  • made of safe non-toxic material
  • stores treats or kibble
  • bright color
  • helps to slow down food gulping
  • designed for interactive treats

Intended use of this Ball:

  • turns meal time into playtime
  • ideal way to encourage play
  • mental and physical stimulation


  • large - 5 inch (13cm)
  • weight - 3/5 oz (300g)


  • special rubber

Why this Interactive Toy is recommended by professional dog trainers:

Being made of safe tetraflex, this Ball is extra strong and easily withstands overload when your powerful doggy trying to get a treat out of it. Thanks to its bright design, you will be able to see this supply even in grass.

Also be sure, even if used on a daily basis, this Toy will serve you for many years, and your beloved Cane Corso will become smarter. Moreover, it will be a way out for the owners whose dogs are fast eaters as it helps to slow down feeding and turns an ordinary meal time into an interesting activity. But remember - it is not recommended to leave your furry friend without supervision when he is having fun with this Toy.

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