• Model: TE79#1030 Dog Training Pouch

Nylon Dog Training Pouch with Pockets for Cane Corso Training


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Waterproof Dog Training Pouch for Cane Corso Rewarding

You train your pet and want to reward him for good results but don't have any treat beside you? Then pay attention to this Unique Pouch where you can put your pet's treats, kibble or small toys. It has the adjustable waist belt, so you will be able to hold your hands free during training sessions. So don't miss this great chance to order this Pouch right now - reward your Cane Corso for perfect behavior and high training results!

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Hands-Free Training Pouch

Nylon Dog Training Pouch with Adjustable Strap for Feeding Your Cane Corso

Nylon Dog Training Pouch for Feeding Your Cane Corso During Training

Nylon Dog Training Pouch with Pockets for Treats

The key advantages of this Dog Training Pouch:

  • adjustable strap
  • tear, water and stain resistant material
  • 3 pockets of different size
  • 2 pockets with Velcro closure
  • 1 zippered pocket
  • plastic quick release buckle
  • 1 stitched D-ring for different purposes

Intended use of this Dog Training Pouch:

  • obedience training
  • reward training
  • everyday walking


  • belt adjustment - 33 1/2 - 43 inch (85-109 cm)
  • 5 inch (12 cm) high
  • 19 inch (48 cm) long
  • weight - 6 1/2 oz


  • black

Why dog trainers recommend you this Dog Training Pouch:

  1. Made of tear resistant nylon, this Pouch is incredibly strong, lightweight and water resistant. Moreover, this dog supply is easy to clean as it doesn't lose its durability after being wet.
  2. You will find 3 pockets here that are meant for holding different dog supplies. The middle one is easy to open and close with the help of the zipper. It is quite large to hold Different Dog Toys with Treats or small training toys like this Rubber Cane Corso Toy on String. The other two pockets are smaller in size and have Velcro closure. They are perfect to hold other necessary small items for dog training like dog whistles, clickers, kibble, etc.
  3. This Pouch can be worn on your waist. There is the adjustable nylon strap, so you will be able to fit it exactly to your waist circumference.

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