• Model: TT12#1030 6 cm Crazy Color Rubber Ball

Colored Rubber Ball for Training and Having Fun


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Bright Rubber Dog Ball for Cane Corso Playing

Enjoy fun games with your beloved Cane Corso! Check this Amazing Design Dog Ball that is perfect for training and just for having fun with your pet. It is specially created to correspond to all your and your dog's demands. Your furry friend will like any activity, that involves this Toy. Don't miss the incredible opportunity to get this Rubber Training Toy! Brighten your dog's life! He will teach you to enjoy simple things!

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Cane Corso Ball Made of Rubber

Rubber Cane Corso Ball for Having Fun

The key advantages of this Rubber Ball:

  • extra quality rubber
  • bright design
  • safe for your pet
  • practicable
  • meant both for young and adult dogs

Intended use of this Bright Rubber Ball:

  • playing
  • training
  • having fun with your dog


  • 2 1/3 inch (6 cm) in diameter


  • color may vary

Why this Dog Toy is recommended by pro dog trainers and experienced vets:

This Dog Ball is made to last, even with constant use. Rubber is safe for your Cane Corso's health as it doesn't contain any toxic substances. Also rubber is very durable, able to stand up to throwing, landing, bouncing, chewing and more. Besides, this material is soft enough not to hurt your dog's teeth but firm enough to bounce.

Thanks to the bright design, you will be able to find this Toy easily in grass, sand or on your carpet. Note that the colors can vary, and it is not possible to choose the color you want more.

Even if your Cane Corso is already an adult dog, he will definitely like playing with this Ball. You can use it to train your pet to fetch. Itís the classic dog game that can be taken anywhere and never gets old. Your dog could chase and bring back that ball all day long!

Please, be advised!

  • Do not let your pet to chew this Ball. It is designed for training, not for chewing.
  • never leave your Cane Corso without control while playing with this Ball.
  • Ordering this Toy, you will get only one ball.

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