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Sound Rubber Cane Corso Ball


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Colorful Rubber Dog Ball for Cane Corso

If you need to train a growing Cane Corso puppy or young adult dog you'd better use high quality supplies for this purpose. Be sure with this Rubber Dog Toy you will bring fun and joy to your pet's life. Your beloved furry friend will like playing with this dog item as it is handcrafted and has bright design. This Ball will help you to combine training and playing in order to achieve high results. So, don't miss this great opportunity to buy this Dog Toy and let your beloved canine enjoy his daily activities!

The key features of this Dog Ball

  • high quality rubber
  • bright design
  • water floating
  • makes sound when squizzed

Intended use of this Dog Ball:

  • training
  • playing
  • having fun

Sizes available:

  • diameter - 4.8 inch (12 cm)


  • colors may vary

What you should know about this Colorful Dog Ball:

This Toy is manufactured of non-toxic rubber that is safe for your Cane Corso's health. It doesn't contain any harmful chemical substances, so you can use it without the fear that you can hurt your doggy. Thanks to top quality rubber this dog item is lightweight and water floating.

This Ball has the bright design, that's why it can be easily found either in grass or sand. You can also use it for different water activities. Moreover, due to ergonomic design, this dog supply massages your dog's gums that is good for his health.

NB! Ordering this Ball, you will get only one toy. Also it is not recommended to let your Cane Corso chew it as this Toy is not a chewing one.

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