Body structure

It is well to bear in mind that magnus undershot (more than 1 cm) as well as scissor bite are serious defaults, but overshort bite is deficiency.
Nose of Cane Corso must have big lobe. Nostrils must be widely open and in common line with nasal arch. Black color of the lobe is ok. It can be gray in grey pigmented dogs. Dorslim of nose must be upright because curved or inbent nose is a disqualification.


Almond shaped, medium sized, slightly bulging, set downright eyes are in conformity with the standards. Eyelids of Cane Corsos must be pigmented tightly fitting to each other.
Glance is attentive and clever. Iris is as dark as possible in accordance with hair color. Triangle hanging ears must be highly set. Maybe cropped or uncropped. But if cropped the ears are in the form of equiangular triangle. Such measure may be considered useful because with these shapes of ears dogs are less amenable to origination of otitis, also these ears are easier to manage and care, furthermore the dog looks better in whole.   


These breed representatives must have beautiful neck and its length is to be equal to the length of the head. The withers is above the level of croup, well-developed.


Very muscular, level back, coupling is strong and short. Wide long group must be slightly slanting, but chest is deep and large up to elbow joints.


Too highly set tail must be very thick at the base. When not in action it is carried low, slightly higher than back but in no case to be carried in vertical position. It must not be arched either. Cut short up to the forth vertebra.

 Dock tails are disqualifications even if such tails were cut short.
Disqualifying fault is a short tail or absence of tail.  


Cane Corsos have strong, slender limbs with strong bones. Shoulder-blades are long, slanting, at that the lengths of muscular shoulder and shoulder-blade must be equal and the shoulder must have developed angulation. When viewed from the front posture of forearms must be parallel. Up to standard Cane Corsos can have slightly inclined strong and flexible metacarpus whereas forepaw must be compact, cat-like.

Angulations of hind limbs are moderately developed. When viewed from the end the paws are parallel and upright. Thighs are wide, very muscular. Hind lines of thighs must be prominent, metacarpuses are strong not fleshy, shanks-thick and tendinous; hind feet are a little less compact than fore feet. 


Characteristic of Cane Corso is its free flowing during movement, with strong drive and reach. Trot is preferred pace. If the animal often ambles then it is a serious default. Structure of limbs matters a lot and different abnormalities are to be regarded as fault or deformity basing on the degree of its evidence.


Cane Corsos
have shiny, short, very thick hair, seasonal change of undercoat is usual happening.


Colors according to the standard: black, all grey colors, different colors of red (ranging from red to light-red), tigrine (streaks of different tint against grey or red background).

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