Cane Corso Dog Games

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May 29, 2013 


Today we are speaking of your dog’s favourite games!
Cane Corso is a beautiful and intelligent breed. Some say they are "more human" than other dogs. 
I believe you wouldn't object the fact that Cane Corso dogs express their emotions vividly. Their sorrow or depression cannot pass unnoticed. They may "pout" when feel unjust attitude, and when they are happy they will show their joy "overtly and in huge abundance". 
Perhaps you've noticed even a kind of "games" your Cane Corso has chosen "to give vent" to his temperament?
An overview of devoted Cane Corso owners’ comments has resulted into the list of endearing breed "games": morning games - “Don’t let him get up from his bed!”,‘Let’s scare the Mailman!’, other games - “Let’s charm the public!”, “Who’s the loudest barker?” & ‘Drool as though he never feeds us!’. One more game which  cannot leave anyone indifferent, I believe, is “Take me in your lap” :-)
 - Is it something your dog loves to do as well? Does he love training? We are sure he loves! And the information below will help his Master to train his dog even more efficiently.


Modern Walking Dog Harness

Keep on training your Cane Corso and do it right!


It is important in the eyes of the dog that the leading place should belong to a more physically and mentally strong pack’s representative. Cane Corso willingly obey such leader, gladly executes his orders because the dog has already earned them well, moreover the commands lead to active communication...

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Exclusive Luxury Handcrafted Padded Leather Cane Corso Harness

easy walk harness

Corresponding leather training harness for good Cane Corso’s upbringing

This harness doesn't only look luxury - its a real first class tool for Cane Corso training work. Due to special shape of a chest plate and thick felt padding the harness provides comfort for a dog  and solid brass fittings protect his hair from discoloration.

Leather Braided Dog Leash - Universal Lead for Cane Corso

leather braided leash

Designer Leather Dog Leash for honorary Moloss – great and strong Cane Corso Mastiff!

A real find for Cane Corso owners! Made of durable leather this leash has solid brass fittings and a reliable brass snap hook. The handle is stitched for extra durability and padded with soft Nappa leather. Just imagine the pleasure of holding it in your hands!