Cane Corso Rescue

A cane corso rescue kennel will take extra care to place a puppy in the right home. Being aware of the specifics of the breed is essential when buying a puppy, as difficulties that may come up in future are likely to make dog ownership experience very sad. The breed is not for everyone, as it needs consistent, yet gentle training. A cane corso rescue kennel will take extra care to place a puppy in the right home.

Experienced handlers and trainers are likely to be more successful in raising these dogs than those who cannot show who the boss is. The breed is intelligent and highly trainable especially if the owner uses positive reinforcement. Study the peculiarities of the breed before buying a puppy. A cane corso rescue kennel will take extra care to place a puppy in the right home.

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I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you a little further about rescue and some guidelines a reputable rescue will follow. Their goal should be to match the dog up with the appropriate home based on the information you give in your adoption application. Matching dogs with the right home & lifestyle is a successful part of making this a lifetime commitment for the dog & new owner. Before anyone can adopt a dog from a legitimate rescue, they must go through a rigorous application and screening process. They should perform an interview and home inspection prior to placing any dog in it's new home. They will also have a very specific contract to protect the dog's well-being and insure that if it cannot remain in it's new home for any reason, that they have the legal right to take it back into their rescue program and find it another home. Prior to being placed, every dog should be vet checked, vaccinated, heartworm tested & neutered or spayed. Please remember that a reputable rescue will never place an intact dog regardless of circumstances. They will never give or sell a breedable dog to a kennel or private owner. Any dog that comes into rescue, regardless of the circumstances, should be fixed immediately. If there is a health reason for not spaying/neutering, a legitimate rescue will keep that dog until it is healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Please do not support any rescue that does not spay/neuter before placing a dog. An experienced volunteer will do a temperament evaluation before they decide to take any Corso into rescue. Rescue should never accept dogs that have shown any aggression, have a bite history or they believe might be a danger to anyone. In most cases, large breed rescues will NOT place an adult dog in a home with small children, unless the background of a rescue dog is known and can confirm the dog has been raised properly and been exposed to small children. Most Corsos that come into rescue are between the ages of 2-4 years old. A legitimate rescue will always require a minimum donation to help reimburse for the medical costs and other expenses mentioned above. There are many dangers in "free to a good home" type adoptions and a well-run rescue will know of these dangers and always require some type of adoption fee. Not all Cane Corsos end up in Rescue due to abuse, neglect or abandonment. There are all sorts of reasons Cane Corsos are given up to Rescue - sometimes situations beyond anyone's control make it necessary for an owner to make the difficult decision to re-home their Cane Corso. Many times the breeders who sold these dogs will not help these people try and re-home the dog. They refuse to take them back (at no cost) if the owner cannot keep them any longer. The alternatives for these owners are to leave them at shelters, give them to rescue or try to place them on their own. Many times rescue does not know much about the background of the dog and cannot predict their behavior in any given situation. These dogs require commitment from their new owners. Many of these dogs have been moved around from place to place, some may have suffered mental and/or physical abuse and will need a lot of patience, love and compassion from their new owner. 

If you are looking for the perfect dog, then a rescue CC is probably not for you. They are all wonderful, loving dogs but they will require time, patience and devotion before they will fit into the mold so many people have in their minds of the "perfect" dog. If you are looking for a dog that desperately needs someone to want it, love it, take care of it - regardless of the luggage it carries from the past home, then consider getting a rescue dog. These dogs really are wonderful when given the chance. They just need people who will accept them for who they are and work on what they can be in the future. 

If you decide that a Rescue dog is not for you and you want to purchase a puppy, then do your part. DO NOT buy a pup from a breeder who does not take the necessary steps to protect this wonderful breed like have a clause in their contract specifically stating that they will take back their own dogs/pups if you can no longer keep it, micro-chipping or tattoo so that if the dog does end up in a shelter the breeder can be notified, hip testing, temperament testing, etc. Please remember IF YOU CAN'T RESCUE - DON'T BREED . Looking for Cane corso harness, cane corso muzzle,cane corso collar, dog leads click here