Care for Cane Corso's eyes

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You should make the following decoction: a table-spoon of the dry crude drug per a glass of water; the derived cure is infused during 15-20 minutes, then sifted and cooled down to indoor temperature. It needs to wet a cotton plug with the ready extract and treat the dog’s eyes carefully wiping them from the outer corners to the nose.

You should prepare a single tampon for the each eye. The infusion for eye washing is always to be fresh. It is not recommended to use the infusion of a strong tea for eye washing because it contains the substances provoking the irritation of the mucous coats.

Usually the health status of Cane Corso is appreciated by touching its nose. If nose skin is cool and humid it means that the dog’s body does not undergoes any serious abnormalities.    The evident symptom of the dog’s disease is the nose hot by the feel as well as a dry and choppy nose.

However, the nose warm to the touch is not necessarily the symptom of some disease. One should take into account that certain rise of skin temperature may occur in the pet after its awakening from a dream or after strong physical stress. It is better to clean contaminated skin of the nose with a soft clean napkin soaked in a bit warmed water.

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