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The second stage lasts from 8 to 12 weeks. This is the phase of socialization. This is the best time to separate Cane Corso puppy from its mother and littermates. Adaptation of Cane Corso to a new environment and new owners goes very easily. Positive tendency for contingence is still strong, Cane Corso puppy shows high degree of ready for education.

When establishing relations with new owners and training Cane Corso puppy it is very important to define concise and fixed boundaries concerning allowable behavior of the dog from the very beginning.

During communication with its owner any animal uppermost values a man who holds to strict rules and behaves successively. In that case Cane Corso knows what to expect and what it will need to do. You may not commit errors as Cane Corso puppy often attempts to double-check prohibitions at first.

It has already learned them but now only checks how its owner is consecutive. If during training Cane Corso dog becomes nervous, restrained and fearful as well as starts feeling uncomfortable, then all these negative manifestations will put a stay on development of contacts, break the disposition to effective education. 
During this period the new Cane Corso’s owner will face the problem to acquaint his pet with street traffic, break to leach and collar, the owner should see about providing Cane Corso puppy with the possibility to exist among dogs and people.  

Dog hearing is much better that that of man’s. Moreover, the range of dog hearing is so high that the animal is able to recognize even an ultrasound. In this respect during training spells with own pets or during hunting dog owners often use special hypersonic whistles.

Following the permanence of requirements apart other things enables the development of self-confidence in Cane Corso dog. Certain strictness does not nearly signify the termination of playing. However the owner must decide how long and when the dog ought to play.

Dog owner must thing out gaming tasks and generously reward Cane Corso in case of successful performance of the task. The nest stage is the phase of rank order comparison. It lasts from 13 to 16 weeks. When young Cane Corso dog reaches its age of adolescence, the relations of subordination and ranks start to develop. 

During this period nature of representatives of this dog breed is still yielding and tender. Such deformities of behavior as excessive aggression or fear susceptibility still can be removed to the end of this period. In this period it is very important to turn attention to final qualification of subordination during training of Cane Corso.  

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