Consideration of Cane Corso puppy's development

 Education of Cane Corso’s puppy

Not only inborn characteristics have great influence on development of puppy’s nature, thereon it depends whether Cane Corso’s puppy will make a good guardian, but environments are not less important in formation of   its temperament. There is a further point to be made that character of puppy also depends on adaptation period. 

Development and elaboration of puppy’s organism occur in the first year of its life. From now forth this affects all its life. During this important for it period of time puppy of Cane Corso forms the attitude to people, domestic and wild animals, heavy sounds, cars, street traffic-environmental phenomena. When commenting this fact behaviorists say that the animal is undergoing the phase of socialization like that.

Socialization is a physiological adaptation which results in the formation of connections and relations directed to establishment of normal, comfortable life of Cane Corso dog in ambient conditions.

All that will be overlooked during this period will be impossible to overtake in future. The owner of Cane Corso can bring up a good-natured, sociable and secure for the wider public animal. In order to do that it needs to take Cane Corso along everywhere and give a lot of time and attention to the puppy.

The more close and regular the contact between the owner and the puppy, the more confidential and strong further relations between a man and the animal and the easier educational process. During socialization Cane Corso puppy has to go through several stages. The first one lasts from 3 to 7 weeks. This is an imprinting phase.

During this period the animal already hears and sees very well, its brain is active, sensorial and motor reactions develop very fast. Just in this period the contact with different people is essential. Cane Corso’s puppies especially need support of a man, whom they accept as a leader, to conquer and learn outward things.

Close contact, attention to the animal shown during this period are directly connected with future development of Cane Corso’s open character. When Cane Corso puppy is still in a breeder, it is recommended to introduce it to different people, stroke with the hand, take in the arms, talk to it, give classes and play with it. For Cane Corso’s development you need to use toys which are to meet safety requirements and have appeal for the puppy.

Visual organs, curious to relate, are not of paramount importance for dog life. It is worthy of note, that animals are unable to see things in color: they see all objects as black-and-white and can appreciate colors only by their intensity.

Just in this period every perceived thing impresses deeply branding on the memory. Since that moment Cane Corso puppy will never be so much ready to assimilate knowledge and get impressions like in that period. Therefore it needs to use this circumstance by giving maximum efforts and time to communication and education of the dog.

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