Do you know the letters of choosing a dog?

Choosing a dog

If you are going to have Cane Corso at home you should remember the main thing:
It will make a good friend, guardian, dependable assistant and wonderful watcher provided that the dog feels comfortable in the house and always its master hedge it with care and attention.

Where and from whom to buy

If you want to buy a puppy of Cane Corso, which seller should you turn to? This question excites the most number of arguments in the family of future owners of the dog. The experts advise to acquire the dogs from Kennel Clubs because in this case your chances as for having a healthy and thoroughbred Cane Corso grow up.


But even in this instance you can’t be absolutely sure that you will not be disappointed in after years. Nevertheless, the one thing is obvious: it is preferably to deal with a qualified dog breeder, specialist-cynologist, than with a little-known or absolutely unknown person who advertises for sale of Cane Corso.

Resorting to professional dog breeders or buying a puppy from Kennel Clubs can at least guarantee that your dog will not have evident breed defects, hereditary diseases but at the same time will be in conformity with the standards.    

Addresses and telephone numbers (cell numbers) of experienced breeders of Cane Corso are available in any local Kennel Club.

Behavior and habits of growing Cane Corso will be considerably depending on the housing conditions the puppy had in the Kennel. That is why a future owner of Cane Corso should familiarize himself with the environment where his dog was at an early age.

You are advised to visit the Kennel where month- and two-month old puppies of Cane Corso are kept, but also you should visit several Kennels if possible. It is necessary to find a professional qualified breeder on this breed.

While inspecting a Kennel you should pay attention to the conditions of aviary for puppies: if it is clean and in order, if there are some appliances for playing. Further development of a dog (physical and mental) is in close connection with puppyhood of the dog, specifically what the objects it happened to get acquainted then, how quickly it learned to accustom itself to external world.

You should get exhaustive information about inheritance of the puppies, about their parents, nature and behavior of a chosen puppy. A breeder that willingly provides information on housing conditions of his dogs, nicely and circumstantially answers all questions seemingly may be put trust in. 

Later on already after choosing a puppy it is possible to apply to this peson for additional advice, assistance in problem solving connected with some peculiarities of Cane Corso taken from his Kennel. 

When choosing a puppy you should pay attention not only to appearance of the breeder, proper or wrong exterior development of the dog but also to the behavior of future pet.  

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