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June 14, 2013 


Summer. Still  It has an immense power to increase suffering of everyday routine and to inspire for heroic fight against laziness! Time spent with your dog may be a great rejoice and there is a strong belief that the more time you spend together the stronger is the bound between you and your dog. Perhaps you support this point of view as well...
- Restless human minds came further in their inquisitiveness and set one more hypothesis: animals working in harness with their handlers (e.g. working canines), show a higher attachment to man, than pets. An intriguing supposition, isn’t it? Did they mean: what unites better, a training harness or a collar and a leash?;-)
The research conducted based on the hypothesis showed no significant difference between attachment of pets and working dogs, still it couldn’t object one well known truth: the more caring and loving is the owner the more devoted is his dog!
Spend great time with your dog in summer and let your friendship grow!


leather slim harness

Recommendations of dog experts as for Cane Corso's diet


Food which is given to Cane Corso dog despite of variety may be short of a number of minor nutrients that are necessary for normal development of dog organism. Deficit of iodine may be supplied if you feed Cane Corso with raw or dried red ware. Moreover, sea kale wonderfully regulates the activity of the digestive tract...


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Branded Leather Dog Collar Painted In Fiery Flames for Great Corsos

designer dog collar

“Flaming” Dog Collar for Stylish Cane Corso Dogs

The power and heat of fire flames is one of the greatest symbols of nobility as well as of might. Isn't it a great accessory for your Cane Corso?This unique handcrafted item is produced of high quality two ply genuine leather to secure reliable control over your dog!

Cane Corso Wire Basket dog muzzle - Italian Mastiff dog muzzle

best wire dog muzzle

Cage wire muzzle for walks with Cane Corso

Summer is the time of extensive outdoor activities. So it's just the time to take care of safety and comfort of your dog. This muzzle model secures great level of ventilation and allows a  dog to drink, bark and pant freely which is extremely necessary in summer!