Hard but successful way of the breed towards its acknowledgment

It was recognized as the 14th Italian dog breed. Society of admirers of Cane Corso (S.A.C.C.) was officially acknowledged in 1995, February, 10. At this stage it is difficult to say that SACC attacked any activities to prohibit this event but rather took any possibility to throw light on the breed.Under this pressure Cane Corso became to grow in number and its population increased from several dozens of individuals in the beginning to the stream coming to 2500 of annual registrations.

And yet despite the disadvantage of improvement as for the quality of the animals, the breed became successful due to its numeric population expansion. In 1996, May, 22 in city Arese (Italy) it was a specialized exhibition where one could see the best breed representatives of Cane Corso.  Ch. Boris was a pattern for representation of all breed characteristics in the highest quarters of F.C.I. And finally, in 1996, November 12 the breed was registered by FCI and got the number 343.

Ancient, wonderful breed was given a new life in modern cynological world! Several months later in November 1996, Cane Corso received an international recognition. If seemed to be a beneficial result but led to further decline of the system, because many enthusiasts outside Italy, who were inspired by the novelty, bought the Corso without reflecting on proper care and beyond any considerations.

Very often their choice was based on the lack of the information on availability, color or value of the puppies. Just that was observed in the previous several centuries – entire shortage of due and informational service and management of the breed internationally. In total disarray, those few people who attempted to organize enthusiasts of Cane Corsoin their own country faced the difficulties of clear-to-clear-communication with SACC that often hid evident disadvantages beyond the wall of arrogance.

In June of 1999, after years of surface governance and repeated complaints against regulatory bodies, at last, ENCI freed SACC from status of official club on the breed Cane Corso. In attempting to better the situation, some enthusiasts founded A.I.C.C. If the end of the second millennium was free of confidence for Cane Corso then the third millennium is starting with a big hope for the breed.

The presidents of several national associations: Renzo Carosio – Italian AICC; Micheal Ertaskiran – Ameriacan ICCF and Erik de Vries – Dutch CCNL decided to work together for international breed coordination based on responsibilities of true dog fanciers. A famous expert-cynologist Mario Perricone wrote in his article attracting public attention to reborn breed: “Cane Corso is of great archeological value. “ Without doubt, that Cane Corso and Mastino Napoletano are close relatives.

Attempting to retrace the origin of the two breeds separately, researchers of the developmental history of the breeds very much embarrassed the situation, but when you generalize some well-known historic facts (one need though to remember when and where P. Scansioni discovered the archetype of the breed Mastino Napoletano, he-dog Guaglino, who was declared as «cane'e presa» and did not even have a certificate of origin), it comes out that Mastino Napoletano is design pattern of southern type of Cane Corso.

Today these two breeds have acquired many distinctions, at that owing to fast evolution of Mastino, but even now Cane Corso amazes by its stature harmony without any ornamental extravagances, superior working abilities. Not in vain enthusiasts of Cane Corso’s rebirth formulated for themselves the top-priority problem consisting not in creation of a new dog breed on the basis of some historic roots, but in preservation of natural qualities of the dog that had almost the same appearance over many centuries.

Therefore modern look of Cane Corso is not a fantasy, resembling a military old Roman dog, but an existing working animal that is a worthy descendant of famous ancient molosses. Nowadays the breed is restored and funded fully.

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