Cane Corso. Adaptation, transportation...and documents

Getting the documents for Cane Corso

According to the rules of Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) that the dogs which pedigrees do not contain foreign forefathers can’t be used for pedigree breeding. A breeder of Cane Corso must necessarily have certificate for every puppy –the document confirming the right of possession. Identification code of the dog is also included in the certificate and it must be tattooed in the certain area of Cane Corso’s body-on the ear or inguen.

When purchasing Cane Corso’s puppy its new owner gets a certificate containing the information about this puppy along with the other documents. Besides, the buyer of Cane Corso’s puppy will have to affix a signature in the specially made-up act on examination of an acquired puppy.

Certificate of birth is a main document for a dog where it is the information about nicknames of the dog and its parents, registry number, its date of birth,color, address of the breeder handing over Cane Corso to a new owner, but also surname, patronymic of the owner himself and his address. The certificate of birth is effectual only if it contains the details of Kennel Club and must be witnessed with the Club’s seal. 

4. Transportation of Cane Corso dog and its adaptation.

Transportation of a dog is not an easy task and in this case one should take into account some peculiarities of animal transportation.

It is not recommended to convey a Cane Corso’s puppy by municipal public transport, especially if the distance is long. It is preferably to use an auto and a breeder should be advised not to feed the puppy before the drive. The matter is that young Cane Corsos often feel uncomfortable during car riding and they may be car-sick and feel nausea. Therefore it is better for the puppy to travel into the house of their future owner on an empty stomach.   

It is very good if you manage to plan your time so that the first days or weeks of the puppy’s residence in the house should be in agreement with its owner’s vacation or at least with holidays. Then you will be able to attend to a little Cane Corso to the maximum during the most important time for the puppy-when it gets accustomed to a new accommodation and new owners.

The experts often recommend the owner taking Cane Corso’s puppy from a Kennel to take along also some object from amongst those that surrounded the puppy during its dwelling in a breeder. Thus, little Cane Corso will make away with feeling of desolation from being in unknown house; it will be easier for the puppy to pass through the separation with its mother and parting with previous residence it already habituated to. 

…to be continued…

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