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You should also beforehand to see about the arrangement of place for Cane Corso in the house. It is necessary to define the areas for sleeping, playing and feeding of the dog. Choosing a place for the rug where Cane Corso’s puppy will be sleeping matters a lot regarding both proper development of the dog and comfort of its owners.

It is not recommended to put a rug for the puppy near heat sources (for instance, near central heating) because in this case your fosterling will quickly get accustomed to superfluity of warmth indoors and will bear low temperatures very bad in future. It is also forbidden to place a rug in a draught or near the doors.

Primarily you should establish conditions under which Cane Corso’s puppy will have an undisturbed deep sleep. The room, where the puppy will live permanently, must be light, dry and not stuffed with furniture. It is better to find a place for Cane Corso’s puppy in the corner near window, because right there the baby will feel most comfortable.

As likely as not that at first even if the housing conditions will be excellent the puppy will familiarize with a new place hardly, whine nightly, so you should take care that your household assume tutelage over Cane Corso’s puppy by turns during the hours of darkness.

From the first minutes of Cane Corso’s residence in the house you should try to habituate the dog to the place designed for it. For this purpose the owner may lead Cane Corso’s puppy to its rug and while saying “Place! Place!” you should point to its place by patting on the rug with your hand. 

By little and little the puppy understands that now it will have to sleep just here. Free choice of place for sleeping is a privilege of adult dogs provided that their owners do not object. In order that Cane Corso’s puppy may get accustomed to its owner quicker and easier, the following simple method is used.

Dogs are known to remember and distinguish surrounding smells excellently and predominant smell among all the others is to be the smell of their owner. Therefore you may put an object, belonging to you personally, near the rug of your Cane Corso’s puppy.

Getting accustomed to the smell, the dog will habituate itself to a person faster, but the object left near its place will always remind the Cane Corso of its owner. Cane Corso’s puppy taken from a Kennel is to become accustomed to observing discipline as soon as possible. Before all it needs to habituate itself to empty outside during walks.

For that end when your Cane Corso’s puppy reaches 2 weeks old age you should lead it out in the yard immediately after feeding. Gradually the puppy will have to understand that on the morrow of feeding it will go for walk to empty and then play and run to the top of its bent. After walk your little Cane Corso should have a full rest-sleep on the rug already familiar to it. be continued...

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