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But what to do if Cane Corso puppy failed to wait until prescribed walk hour and emptied just inside the room? In no case you should swear at it and punish it. Months and six-week Cane Corso’s puppies are still unable to control own body or ask to go outside, so the habit of asking for a walk and tolerating the desire up to going out in the yard develops in them further.

The main thing is to accustom the puppy to function of its physiological requirements in the street till they are 5-6 months old. When Cane Corso’s puppies grow older it will be more difficult for you to do that, at times even impossible.

Without proper education even adult dogs can spring unpleasant surprises on their owners arranging “toilet room” somewhere in the corner of a drawing room. Therefore it is better for you to make an effort to get up early in the morning and take a young Cane Corso dog for walk regularly rather than to engage in its reeducation to no purpose in future.

Cane Corso puppies at the age of less than 2 months old are not recommended to bring in the yard immediately after feeding. This accounts for that the puppies still have insufficiently developed the framework of the back and spinal muscles, but the bones and ligaments of limbs are still weak. The walk on full stomach is too great pressure for such puppy and it may result in swaying of the back that later will turn into a remediless defect.

If your flat is in the high-rise block of flats then while going down or up the stairs, the owner of Cane Corso puppy is recommended to take it in the arms or use an elevator until the puppy reaches 5-6 months old and its vertebral muscles and bones improve in strength.   

Any physical stress especially in regard to young Cane Corso dogs is to be strictly dosed. Cane Corso will be ready to go up and down a ladder, to jump, to puss a hurdle on its own as certain grounds of muscles ( mainly these of the back’s and hindlimbs’) become well-developed and trained.

Therefore all the questions concerning individual physical training for your Cane Corso puppy should be discussed with a specialist-cynologist or a dog breeder.  

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