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For example, one may not admit that a dog should choose traveling direction but not its owner. If the owner does not show persistence carrying his point then from now forward he will not manage to command his Cane Corso dog. During this period you must set the record straight and thrash out the relations of subordination which will form a stable basis of harmonic relationship between man and dog.

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The fourth period lasts from 5 to 6.5 months. After passing the initial socialization phase and studying out who is the boss, Cane Corso dog comes into the next stage when order in the pack is established. Here uncompromising role structure between a leader and the rest of pack members takes the place. It is important in the eyes of the dog that the leading place should belong to a more physically and mentally strong pack’s representative.

Cane Corso willingly obey such leader, gladly executes his orders because the dog has already earned them well, moreover the commands lead to active communication.

Nose is a main sense of a dog whereas it is secondary for a person. Smell helps dogs and other animals to take bearing and the better smell a dog has the better its working and service abilities.

If this period is too successful then young Cane Corso feels confident, the world seems to be in order for it. And, on the contrary, inconsistency of requirements and its owner’s behavior, his emotional instability disorientate the animal; destroy the contact and cause insubordination and non-recognition of the leader. In this case the dog becomes uncertain, neuroses sometimes happen in it. 

During this period of socialization if the communication is ok, Cane Corso accepts a gregarious order. The fifth period lasts from 6 mothns old up to Cane Corso’s sexual maturation. As soon as the animal reaches child-bearing age this phase will come to its end. This moment is connected with the first estrus in females of Cane Corso breed (usually in 7-8 months).

Three-legged stand of Cane Corsos-males during urination is considered to be the beginning of their period of sexual development. One should bear in mind that the males are inclined to cast doubt upon rank order during this time. In these cases one should shed light on the situation and bring to rights.

This period is characterized by appearance of protective behavior and formation of guard instinct in Cane Corsos. At that their ability to guard own territory turns to be clearly represented. But fighting instinct and protection instinct are still imperfectly developed and for their development and strengthening the dog needs to be rewarded.  

Dealing with young Cane Corso it needs to organize the process so that the dog may not become overexcited. The animal must always be a winner during battles. One may not resource to painful forcing even when drilling the detention of a supposed criminal.  

When speaking about the terms of developmental stages it must be noted that in some individuals they may slightly displace as to the presented ones. start reading this article from the beginning please click on here...

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