Precursory symptoms of labor in Cane Corso

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The following symptoms give evidence of labor approach: Cane Corso bitch becomes anxious, refuses to meal; hurried breathing and jerk of muscles are observed in her. Mammary glands are markedly enlarged.

Cane Corso bitch starts scraping a rug covering the bottom of the maternity house attempting to make herself comfortable there. When the bitch settles on the box’s bottom then during perfunctory inspection of her belly you may even see the litter stirring in it.

All laboring process includes the three main stages: preparatory, extraction of fetus and puerperal period. The preparatory stage begins with contractions. Musculature of alvus shrinks then cervical canal of uterus opens out being in contact with bag of waters.

Dilating labor pain usually lasts from 6 hours to a natural day, but sometimes up to 28-30 hours. Then extraction of fetus comes next. After complete opening of cervical canal of uterus, contractions start to be accompanied with occasional contraction of belly’s musculature-expulsive pains.

Fetuses start moving through parturient canals by turn and go outside. There are cephalic and pelvic presentations: in both cases labor can go quite normally. Breakage of beg of waters happens when fetus moves through a parturient canal or immediately after bearing a puppy.

Cane Corso mother herself gnaws a funicle through and licks over a newborn puppy thus removing slime and the remainder of bag of waters from the puppy’s body. .
The number of hours during which normal, uncomplicated labor continues equals the number of puppies in litter of Cane Corso

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