Prophylactic immunizations for Cane Corso


Every Cane Corso dog has two types of immunity (immunity against infectious diseases): inborn and evoked. Inborn immunity is transmitted from mother to her litter, but evoked one develops only after vaccination or after Cane Corso dog already had some disease and its body would become resistant to originators of this disease.

Dog owners should remember that vaccination is just a temporary protection against infection that has effect only during 1 year approximately. Inborn immunity that Cane Corso puppy inherits from its mother as already was mentioned before, is preserved till the puppy reaches the age of 2-2.5 months.

Then its influence passes off and young Cane Corso is vaccinated against infectious diseases for the first time. With regard to the following vaccinations you should consult an experienced veterinarian. He must prescribe your dog individual vaccination schedule.
Latent stage (hidden) of many diseases usually lasts for about 2 weeks. Through all this period before vaccination you need to observe particular cautiousness during walks with Cane Corso dog: to avoid any contacts with other dogs and cats, strangers who want to stroke your pet or regale with some dainty, etc.

It is worth remembering that 14-15-day period before vaccination it is a singular quarantine for Cane Corso puppy and you should carefully protect it during this period from unfavorable environment conditions, psychic tension and fright. 

It is not recommended to air the puppy during rainy, blowy or cold weather; if it is not very warm in your flat in winter time you should put a hot-water bottle on dog rug- a bottle filled with warm water and wrapped in a piece of woolen cloth.

 Vaccination against the number of most dangerous dog diseases (plague, hepatitis, rabies, leptospirosis, viral enteritis) must be done once a year.

After vaccination you can start walking outside with your Cane Corso again however during cold period or in the case if your pet has to contact with adult dogs in the yard  its quarantine time should be a little extended.

If the symptoms such as excessive salivation, diarrhea, nasal discharge, asthenia, apathy, deadness to surrounding environment are observed in Cane Corso puppy it is high time to have a veterinarian examine your dog.

It is not contraindicative to ignore the symptoms of probably serious disease because it is a number of infections that are too dangerous for Cane Corsos’ health and as a result they may die.

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