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Starting from 2 months old Cane Corso puppy may already eat carrot grated finely and mixed with sour cream or small amount of vegetable fat. It is allowed to add pureed grated apples and any berries that will be to its taste (stones are to be removed in advance). Many dogs eat strawberries and raspberries with pleasure as well as apricot fruits, pears, cherries, black cherries, pieces of watermelon.

Experts do not recommend including bean cultures such as kidney bean, pea, and lens in dietary of Cane Corso. These products are very nutritious for a person; however they are good deal worse ingested by the dog’s organism. From the legumes, floured soy included in feed-stuff may be useful for dog health. 

Sources of minerals

Food which is given to Cane Corso dog despite of variety may be short of a number of minor nutrients that are necessary for normal development of dog organism. Deficit of iodine may be supplied if you feed Cane Corso with raw or dried red ware. Moreover, sea kale wonderfully regulates the activity of the digestive tract.

Day’s allowance of this product is 0.5 g, not more, per day for 2 months old Cane Corso puppies but when they are 6 months old it is possible to add 4-5 g of dried luminaria in the dog’s dietary daily.

In specialized zoo-shops You may buy ready-made mineral supplementary feedings that contain calcium lactate, ale-yeast, phytin (too essential for growth and strengthening of nails), bone meal, absorbent carbon, glycerophosphates and english salt. Dried mineral supplementations are reduced to fragments, mixed with main food and given to Cane Corso puppies in accordance with meal daily requirement.

Water and lap

Water must be necessarily clean, in no case stagnant, without odor and foreign substances. Before going for a walk, Cane Corso dog should drink some water, otherwise it will start drinking out of grooves that are available in the yard and in the street; and this water is crawling with causal organisms.

Water is used to preparation of food for Cane Corso puppy: soups, porridges, stewed and boiled vegetables. At the age of 1-2 months old Cane Corso must get plenty large enough amount of lap every day besides during each feeing (regularly). 

It is more often than not a meat soup or fish soup, milk soups, very thin porridges made of milled grits. Usually, every feed of lap is to be from 200 to 250 grams.

But if your Cane Corso dog drinks city water then it is better not to boil it before drinking because boiled water often and often adversely affects dental enamel condition in dogs. start reading this article from the beginning please click on here...

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