Science-based development of food intake for adult Cane Corsos

Feeding of adult Cane Corso

During last decades the most popular diseases of both people and animals have changed their causation. If in the beginning of the century infectious diseases were prevailing then today we discover the diseases connected with consumption of these of those foodstuffs. That is why the problems on feeding of Cane Corso dogs are still too burning for many owners of these dogs.

Digestive processes as well as nutritional matters have been well studied by scholars. But one should not forget that the slant of dog owners on feeding of their four-footed pet must be exceptionally individual. Well, the eatability of feed, health status of Cane Corso and its future posterity and, eventually, the cost of their management considerably depend on structure of dog ration.

Working-outs of scholars are considered to be the basis of feeding of Cane Corso dogs but individual feeding is made directly by the owners themselves. Experienced dog breeders well aware that there are Cane Corso puppies consuming 30% more food that their littermates but then those who eat a little start feeding too hard when pass into ownership of other people and those which ate much during group feeding eat a little being fed individually. There are a lot of reasons for that but the main of them are hereditary factors affecting weight and height of an individual as well as particular food ration.  

Emphatically, daily allowance of adult Cane Corso is distinct from amount of food consumed by Cane Corso puppy. It is determined not only by the age but also by number of other factors and the main among them are pet’s sex, height, weight, fleshing, place of keeping as well as work made by the dog together with physical load it experiences while doing this work.

Depending of adult Cane Corso’s fatness its dietary is the following: 20-40 g of dry feeds and 30-60 g of liquid food containing great amount of water. (the calculation is made per 1 kg of the dog’s body mass) Norm of consumption of protein, fats and carbohydrates is increased too, especially in the case of those dogs which are used for service work and their energetic consumption is great during a day.

So, Cane Corso weighing 50 kg, need  220-230 g of proteins daily, 60-70 g of fats, 460-470 g of carbohydrates. Besides, in order that intestinal tract of adult Cane Corsos should work normally they need not less than 35-40 g of cellulose per day. Quantity of water that is necessary for healthy adult Cane Corso intraday is about 1 liter, but mineral mixtures flavored with calcium are to be 30 g not less.

There is a range of ready-to-eat feeds for dogs on sale but anyway they are different in their nutritious composition as percentage of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral substances in the food cannot be the same for different dog breeds.

A veterinarian is able to determine Cane Corso’s demand for vitamins with pin-point accuracy. All these moments must be considered when the diet for the pet is worked out. 

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