The labor of Cane Corso bitch is to be watched by her owner

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Labor may go naturally, i.e. without any assistance from an owner of a dog. He just must be near his dog and watch the delivery in order to know that the process is all right. Labor happens to proceed normally but the owner of the bitch has to render assistance to her anyway. In case of mogitocia, when different complications appear in a littering Cane Corso bitch her owner has to send for an experienced vet.

Prior to labor beginning you should prepare all the means, necessary for domiciliary obstetrics and keep them near at hand. For that objective you will need to prepare dry and clean pieces of gauze and towel, a big box of pressboard where born Cane Corso puppies will be accommodated, a scissors with rounded edges (abdominal stalk is cut with the scissors).

Besides, on the off chance you should prepare absorbent cotton, tincture of iodine, Vaseline and think thread for binding up of the stalk. Near the maternity box you should place a bowl with clean water that must be changed as and when necessary.

You should also prepare a warm soapy solution and solution of hypermanganate potassium in the ration of 1 to 1000. These solutions are used by turns for washing of edea, perinea region and croup of Cane Corso bitch before her labor.

While laboring the bitch may need the help of her owner therefore his hands are to be clean and germ-free. So, he should thoroughly wash them with warm soapy water, cut the nails shortly and process the hands with cotton tampons soaked in spirit.

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