Treatment for burns

 The most popular diseases of Cane Corso

Every owner of Cane Corso must be able to render emergency medical treatment to his pet in order to prevent the dog from dying or for avoidance of complicating diseases when it is impossible to turn to a veterinarian or when minutes determine what clinical outcome for the dog will be.

It is very important to know the symptoms of main diseases and methods of their treatment however you should not try to diagnosticate Cane Corso on your own. Suspicions of dog owner may turn to be wrong due to atypical behavior of that or this disease and treatment will only do harm to the dog.

On seeing the signs of this or that diseases described below you should address to a veterinarian before everything else. Also you should send for a vet if dog Cane Corso has a fever, if it refuses to eat, if it is hyposthenic or, on the contrary, is very anxious, etc.

Skin burns

Fever heat may cause skin burns of 5 degrees. The symptoms of the first degree of burn are puffiness, hyperemia, but in case of thermal effect you will see incineration of Cane Corso’s coat. The second stage produced by longer affecting causes the emergence of one or several bullas. 

Fire burns may not produce the same effect because not only coat incinerates but also epidermis but instead of the bullas you will see intense puffiness of dermis and hypoderm. The bullas usually burst in the time of the second degree of burn, the wound becomes infected without proper therapy treatable and that in turn leads to the appearance of mattery dermatitis.

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