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Italian Cane Corso is an embodiment of ideal dog! This is the opinion of the breed’s admirers who most value the breed on its functionality, absence of excess in body build and workability.  Harmony, strength and agility are all these qualities that characterize the Cane Corso and distinguish it from the other Molosser representatives to greater advantage. The main assignment of the breed is guard of its owner, his family and property.

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Cane Corsos
possess inborn defense reflex, feel own territory and its boundaries very well; they are always near the house or an guarded object, fanatically devoted to own loved people, never shrink back before danger and are able to make decision on their own. Besides, the breed has spectacular appearance and outstanding individuality that make it extraordinarily beautiful. When walking Cane Corso is always a focus of attention, the breed is an ecstasy for the wider public.

The dog moves quietly and smoothly with its head elevated proudly that is determined not only by an honorable look, perfect physical shape, ancient origin but also a superior intelligence and sagacity that the eyes of these irresistible animals literally send out!Cane Corsos have truly golden nature and faithful, loving heart; their owner is literally “God-almighty” for them.
At home Corsos are strikingly tender and affectionate; they always try to make something good for their owner, they are well aware how give a taste of their quality best of all, but at that never obtrude themselves.Cane Corsos are not apt to dominate or have a bone to pick with their owner and his household, this fact is proven by numerous and independent surveillances over representatives of this breed. 

Indeed these dogs have been carefully selected by physiologic type and user qualities from one generation to another; they were always multi-function “jacks-of-all-trades”. Therefore the ability to understand quickly and correctly  the desire of their owner and coexist amicably not only with his familiars but also with the most  different pets, perform the other working functions together with them was the same important for the representatives of this breed as high level of aggressiveness.

Moreover in circumstances of the nativeborn existence, the dogs, displaying any antisocial tendencies, were out of surviving.  Owing to these factors Cane Corso, as a breed, originated with a too highly developed “family instinct”. Cane Corsos treat children extra cherishingly and forbearingly allowing them any pranks and breadths. That is why one may start Cane Corso if the family comprises children of any age and the dog will patronize them furiously and carefully if required. 

A highly-developed “parent behavior” is a characteristic for the breed Cane Corso and this behavior is aimed towards any living creature that seems very “small and weak” against these dogs, therefore they get along well with cats, hamsters, birds…and can live with them in the same house.Cane Corsos are excellent “moms”, they can bring up their puppies fondly and capably-both unfamiliar and their own babies, interestingly that even the most severe males are able to be “qualified nannies” however.
The attribute of the breed is to be always with its beloved owner, to feel itself “necessary” for the family. During walk even an untrained dog, being unleashed, seldom  moves far away from its owner notwithstanding that a territory is very interesting for the dog, but at home it tries to lie by the feet of the owner and may go on lying tranquilly for hours together, enjoying a nearness of “ beloved person”. 

Being at home, resting or walking Corsos keep a bright lookout all the time, viewing the happenings around and if it is a slightest danger these dogs are ready stick out to provide the safety of dear owner and his family.

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